Lightship Works emergency response app integrates AI with IBM Watson

British Columbia-based startup Lightship Works is working to integrate artificial intelligence with IBM Watson on IBM Cloud “into its disaster response solutions, helping give first responders and central organizations alike up-to-the minute insights during emergency situations.”

The mobile applications that Lightship Works develops include combined updates from first responders and recovery agencies with data from infrastructure, weather services, sensors and real-time tracking of people and equipment in order to provide individuals with the right decisions to make during emergency incidents.

Lightship will now integrate with IBM to provide this real-time data, a press release said. So, for example, let’s say a first responder is trying to fight off a wildfire, they will get alerts if the weather will change and winds are going to shift direction – these alerts will help responders stay away from the moving fire.

The AI solution will run on IBM Cloud for “a highly-connected, secure, and adaptable platform for the application.”

“Technology is a game-changer that augments capacity of first responders and recovery agencies,” said Jaethan Reichel, CEO of Lightship Works. “We are witnessing a trend where natural disasters are becoming more complex, frequent, and of higher intensity than ever, so it is really important that the technology be easy to use but also incredibly stable, secure, and responsive. That is one of the reasons we decided to work with IBM.”

Partnering with IBM will help create a more “agile ecosystem,” John Longbottom, senior innovative development executive of Western Canada with IBM, said in the release.