Chatr offering some customers $60/15GB 3G plan with unlimited call and text

The deal is coming to some customers via text message

It looks like Chatr is sending out a new offer to some customers that would upgrade them to a $60 per month plan with 15GB of data.

According to a post on RedFlagDeals from user ‘DeadpoolSurrey,’ Chatr is sending the offer to customers via text. DeadpoolSurrey received a message that reads: “Introducing an exclusive plan just for you! Get 15 GB of data plus unlimited Canada/US talk and International text. Canada/US Talk, Text and Data for $60/month.”

It’s a solid offer, and Chatr doesn’t currently have any plans that come close. The Rogers-owned flanker brand’s closest offer is $50 for 8GB of data and unlimited Canada/U.S. talk and international text.

As good as the $60 for 15GB offer is, it’s important to remember that Chatr’s data is only at 3G speed. Once you’ve used your 15GB for the month, you can continue using data at a reduced speed.

DeadpoolSurrey is from B.C., so it isn’t clear if the offer is available in other regions. Any Chatr users out there who get the offer, let us know down below.

Source: RedFlagDeals