Zú partners with Telus to create first-ever 5G entertainment testing hub

Montreal-based company Zú has partnered with Telus to launch an experimental 5G laboratory for the entertainment industry.

A press release from the Vancouver-based carrier indicated that the joint-initiative will “create the first-ever space for technological exploration in Canada entirely dedicated to the creative and entertainment industry.”

To note, Zú is an organization that aims to develop innovative projects in the entertainment industry.

“Being the first and only 5G lab dedicated to the future of Canada’s creative and entertainment industries, we will leverage the best of Montreal’s creative expertise, combined with cutting-edge technology from Telus, to deliver outstanding experiences. 5G promises to reshape the future of entertainment ―and Zú will be the cradle of this revolution in Montreal,” said Guillaume Thérien, general manager of Zú.

Telus said it will also provide access to engineers and mentors that will help “facilitate the incubation, validation and acceleration of start-ups.” it added that there will be a series of lectures on emerging technology that will be part of Zú’s programming to guide participants to creative opportunities.

The hub will be built at Zú and will welcome those wishing to participate at the end of the year, at which time they will be able to test and optimize their projects, which could then be sent to the market.

The release indicated that any company wishing to participate can submit ideas by clicking here.

Source: Telus