Ikea shows off new wireless Sonos SYMFONISK speaker controller

This little device could make using SYMFONISK speakers a lot easier

Ikea has been doubling down on its smart home gadgets lately, and now it’s shown off a new remote to control music playback on its Sonos enabled SYMFONISK speakers. 

The cute remote is only shown on the French Ikea website, so it’s unclear if or when it’s coming to Canada, but MobileSyrup has reached out to Ikea to find out more about the device.

The speaker controller is pretty simple. You can rotate it to adjust the volume, click it once to pause, click it twice to skip forward a track and three times to go back. The device is meant to sit on a table or stick to a wall with it’s included magnet mount.

This is an excellent addition for the SYMFONISK speakers since they don’t feature any hardware buttons to skip tracks.

The remote is priced at €15, which is about $21 CAD.

The product page mentions that users need to own one of the company’s Trådfri gateways to use the remote. The gateway is a hub Ikea uses to connect all of its smart home products like its Trådfri lights or smart plugs.

The remote’s product description says it “Works with the Sonos Home Sound System.” It’s unlikely, but this device might also work with other Sonos speakers. At the Sonos Move launch event in NYC, the company seemed very open to working with Ikea again.

We can likely expect many more gadgets like this from the Swedish company since it recently spun its smart home products into their own division within the company. 

Update 12/09/2019 3:40pm: Ikea has let us know that the device is coming to Canada, but it doesn’t have a specific release date nailed down yet.

Update 18/09/2019 4:40pm: Ikea Canada has confirmed that the SYMFONISK remote will launch across the country on October 1st.

Source: Ikea France Via: The Verge