Beat the average price to get this 5-course Microsoft Office Bundle

You can find Microsoft Office everywhere you go, and for good reason. Office is the gold standard for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheet data entry, so learning how to use each of these programs effectively will make you a valuable asset in any industry. Luckily, the Essential Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle has all the courses needed to master them. 

Here’s how this deal works: by paying what you want, you’ll gain access to one of the 5 courses in the Essential Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle. If you beat the average price, you’ll receive all 5 courses. Finally, if you beat the leader’s price, you’ll be placed on the leaderboard and entered in a giveaway. 

Microsoft Word is the one program in Office that everyone’s familiar with, but it offers far more functionality than you’re aware of. The Microsoft Word course will introduce you to features you’ve been missing out on, such as automating tasks, using macros, and mail merging. 

Excel is undoubtedly the second most used Office program, and this bundle dedicates 2 courses to Excel alone. That’s because Excel is a lot more powerful than it appears; you can use it to create graphs and charts, make interactive spreadsheets, and interpret data with PivotTables, all of which are covered in these 2 courses.

You can find all these courses and more in the Essential Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle. Simply pay what you want to get one course or beat the average price for all 5. 


Pay What You Want: Essential Microsoft Office 2019 Bundle – $5

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