Montreal looks to unclog its streets with small electric courier vehicles

The pilot project kicked off on September 12th

Montreal is looking to solve traffic congestion and reduce greenhouses gasses within the city with new small electric powered courier vehicles.

The plan is launching with a year-long pilot project called, Colibri, in the Ville-Marie borough. Delivery trucks will transport packages and other items in the mail to an old bus station in the area that the city converted into a delivery hub.

The plan is to route large delivery trucks to the hub where the packages will be distributed to smaller electric and other zero-emission delivery vehicles, which will take them the final leg to their destination.

The project is utilizing four bike couriering companies and Purolator. A city council member even thinks that the new method will offer faster delivery times since smaller bikes can avoid traffic, according to CBC News. 

The four companies are Chasseurs Courrier, Courant Plus, La roue libre and LVM Livraison.

The city has set four main goals for the project:

  • Establish a comprehensive project framework for the development of transportation solutions that reduce congestion, barriers, greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.
  • Establish and implement new freight transportation strategies in downtown Montreal.
  • Set up the old bus station site and develop an experimental center.
  • Test different forms of amenities on a human scale, more respectful of the environment and adaptive.

Countries in Europe have been running versions of this project for years, but Canada and the rest of North America have yet to catch on, reads the report.

Image Source: La Lroue libre

Source: City of Montreal, CBC News