New Tesla patent describes batteries that won’t degrade as much over time

They should also be cheaper to produce

A Tesla patent and a battery research team from Dalhousie University in Halifax have detailed new technology that helps batteries maintain their maximum charge potential.

Over time standard batteries don’t hold as much energy as they do when they’re new. This new method looks to help reduce that issue.

The theory is that this patent related to technology Jeff Dahn and his team from Dalhousie published in a paper last week. The process revolves around next-generation “single crystal” NMC cathode and a new advanced electrolyte, reports Electrek.

While a significant portion (or almost all of) the paper goes over my head, you can look at the full document on Electrek.

Alongside, making the batteries last longer over time, the technology is also projected to lower the cost of the power packs.

This innovation could be a massive plus for Tesla. The automaker has claimed in the past that the Model 3 is built to last a million miles, but its battery will only be viable around half of that period

If this new tech can expand the life of cells, it could be a huge selling point for Tesla as the EV market gets increasingly crowded.

Source: Electrek