Watch Apple drop a cake on the iPhone 11 Pro in this new ad

Apple has rolled out two new ads for its recently announced iPhone 11 Pro that show off its durability and camera.

Both commercials show an iPhone 11 Pro placed in an industrial wind tunnel. The overall style, complete with the Verizon logo that pops up at the end of the ad, is reminiscent of the old Motorola Droid ads the company used to run.

The first commercial sees the iPhone battered with everything from toys to office supplies to a wedding cake. It’s a fun video, but I can’t imagine any phone — let alone a notoriously fragile iPhone — take that much abuse. However, Apple seems to be pushing the durability aspect of its new phones, so maybe things will be better this time around.

The second ad features a long-haired dog in the wind chamber and showcases the iPhone 11 Pro’s new triple camera system. The video highlights the differences between the telephoto, standard and ultra-wide angle cameras.

Additionally, the video shows off the new Night mode, which appears much more impressive than the demo Apple showed onstage at its event.

While the ads certainly look good, it remains to be seen just how durable the phone is and how good the camera system is. Companies tend to exaggerate the capabilities of their devices in ads.

Most recently, Samsung got in hot water for ads showing off its water-resistant Galaxy devices. Huawei also got caught using DSLR images and passing them off as pictures taken with its smartphones. Suffice it to say that you should takes these ads with a grain of salt, as least until some real-world tests reveal how the new iPhone really stacks up.

Source: The Verge