Google is hopefully still working on some of Android 10’s best features

Let's hope that some of these features make their way to Android 10 for everyone

Android 10 arrived a few weeks ago for a small handful of phones, but some leaked features were absent from the new operating system.

Notably, Android’s answers to IFTTT and Apple’s Shortcuts are ‘Rules‘ and a screen recorder.

Rules is the most exciting change that’s coming to Android. It’s been rumoured to be coming to Android since mid-July, although it’s speculated that this feature might be saved for the launch of the Pixel 4.

When the feature was found in the Android 10 beta, it allowed users to automate control over their notifications preference.  For example, you could set up a Rule to trigger when you connect to your home Wi-Fi network that would set your phone to its ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode.

While this feature seems very basic in the leaks from the beta, it could launch as a fully-fledged competitor to Apple’s Shortcuts, which is a super useful app for automating some tasks on your phone.

Another feature that leaked throughout the beta process, but was absent from the full version of the OS, is a screen recorder. Other phones like those built by Huawei have this built into the operating system by default, so it’s odd that it’s taken Google this long to add it to basic Android.

One of the smaller features that seemed like a great addition when it leaked was called ‘Ramping Ringer.’ This feature allowed users to set their phone to vibrate a few times before it starts ringing.

Android 10 was also slated to add album art to the ‘Now Playing’ Ambient display section on Google’s Pixel devices.

It’s likely that we could see some of these features launch alongside the Pixel 4 phones on October 15th.

Source: Android Police