Only 58 percent of Canadians aged 65 and more own smartphones

elderly couple

Age-Well commissioned a new survey looking at the attitudes of technology from people over the age of 50. Age-Well is a federally-funded Network of Centres of Excellence, and Environics Research conducted the survey.

“The findings show that Canadians over the age of 65, just like those aged 50 to 64, are feeling confident about using technology and many feel the impact on society is positive,” says Bridgette Murphy, the managing director and COO of Age-Well, in a press release. “We also found strong interest among respondents in using technologies to stay healthy, engaged and living independently for as long as possible.”

The poll discovered that 80 percent of Canadians older than 65 believe that technological advances can help older adults stay safe in their own homes longer and stay independent. Meanwhile, only 70 percent think that it can help them remain active, manage their health or help reduce social isolation.

Only 15 percent of Canadians over the age of 65 believe the impact technology has on society is negative, while 61 percent think it’s positive. Ninety-four percent of Canadians aged 50+ report that they go online daily, while only 58 percent of Canadians aged 65 and more own smartphones. This number changes to 78 percent for those aged 50-64 years old.

Environics Research surveyed from July 11th to 30th, 2019 with more than 2,000 Canadians 50 years and older involved.

Check out all the stats in the press release here.