FCC listing suggests new Pixelbook may launch October 15

The long-rumoured Atlas Pixelbook has hit the FCC, again.

Reportedly the device initially hit the FCC back in July, according to 9to5Google, though it was difficult to confirm what the product was. Now 9to5 has confirmed this is a laptop.

It was submitted both times by Quanta Computers, the company that makes the Pixelbooks. Also, some documents in filing read “external photos” and “test setup photo” however, they are marked confidential until March, according to 9to5. 

With a March expiry date, it leads to believe that the Mountain View-based company will unveil this new Made by Google laptop on October 15, during its event.

The FCC listing does not list that the device will sport Wi-Fi 6, which may be upsetting to some.

This device also appears to definitely be a laptop and not a 2-in-1 like the Pixel Slate.

A lot is still unknown about this upcoming laptop, however, it seems as Google will launch the successor to the Pixelbook on October 15.

9to5 shared leaked videos of what Atlas may look like back in March. In the past, 9to5 discovered that the device with model number HFSG021A was the Pixelbook successor, Atlas. There was confusion due to its similarity to the Pixel 3a lineup’s G021A.

Source: FCC Via: 9to5Google