Google to launch Nest Wifi at October 15 event: report

Google Wifi in kitchen

The next Made by Google event takes place on October 15th. While we know that the company will show off its newest smartphones, it will also unveil a new mesh router system, according to 9to5Google

This is a refreshed version of the ‘Google Wifi’ router — that Google announced in 2016 — and the company will call it ‘Nest Wifi.’ Reportedly, Google will accompany the router with “Eero-Esque beacons that double as Assistant speakers,” according to 9to5. Reportedly the primary router will not have Assistant capabilities, though, the other two beacons will.

The speakers on the beacons may offer the same performance as the second-generation Nest Mini. The Nest Mini is the rumoured successor to the Google Home Mini and reportedly offers slightly improved speakers.

Google will also add Wi-Fi-specific Assistant commands as well. 9to5 reports that it will be able to pause the internet in an individual room or for specific devices. It will also feature the typical Assistant functionalities as well.

Otherwise, the router system will be relatively similar to Google Wifi except it features a new design making it more home-friendly. Google will also offer the devices in three colours, for aesthetic purposes.

Lastly, Nest Wifi will be able to work in combination with the older Google Wifi.

Source: 9to5Google