Google put up an ad for the orange Pixel 4 in Times Square

Can this even be called a leak?

Google Pixel 4 Times Square

As if we needed to know more about the Pixel 4, Google posted an ad for the phone in New York City’s Times Square.

The ad reads “Hey Google, set a reminder for October 15,” and below that says “Google Pixel 4,” clearly promoting the company’s upcoming launch event.

Redditor ‘LousyTX’ shared a photo of the Times Square ad which, like many of Google’s apps, sports a brilliant white colour.

It can’t even be called a leak at this point. The ad confirms the phone will sport the previously rumoured orange (or coral) colour. Additionally, the large banner confirms the square camera module.

Not that either of those things needed confirming with the amount the device as already leaked.

If you’re curious about Google’s upcoming phone — and somehow missed the endless leaks — check out our breakdown of everything we know about the phone.

Source: Reddit Via: XDA Developers