Google Search now lets you access key moments in videos

With the help of content creators, Google Search is going to become a lot more useful. The Mountain View, California-based company is working on the way to find information from moments within videos.

Now, users will be able to find moments in how-to videos that have multiple steps, long speeches or documentaries. Search will be able to provide links to key moments within the video, with timestamps provided by content creators. This will help users find out whether a video has what they’re looking for and let them access the content very quickly.

For example, if you’re trying to learn how to start a podcast, a message below the YouTube video will break down each moment throughout the video. These can include how to use the microphones, boom arm and more. Check out the picture above.

The links to key moments will appear in Search for English YouTube videos where creators have already provided Google timestamp information in the video description.

Google says that soon users will be able to check out key moments from video publishers from around the world, including NDTV and CBS Sports. Google is also providing a way for content creators to make these markups for their videos here.

Source: Google Blog