Apple is being sued for allegedly selling pirated music on iTunes

A company named Four Jays, which represents deceased American composer Harry Warren, is suing Apple for allegedly selling stolen recordings of music composed by Warren on iTunes.

Warren wrote music for notable artists like Duke Ellington, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Dean Martin and more.

Four Jay’s isn’t alleging that Apple pirated the music in the traditional sense by downloading the songs from the internet, but rather entered into a licensing agreement with a record company while possibly knowing that neither entity owned the rights to the tracks.

As you dive further into the lawsuit, Four Jays alleges Cleopatra records doesn’t own and hasn’t purchased the rights to music composed by Warren or any of the many artists he worked with.

This isn’t the first lawsuit to hit Apple regarding pirated music within the last few weeks. In late may a lawsuit was filed against Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Pandora for pretty much the same thing.

A representative of the composer Harold Arlen claimed that these tech giants are selling unofficial or pirated copies of Arlen’s music. A lot of the time the music was being sold for cheaper than the official version as well.

Source: 9to5Mac, Patently Apple