Apple TV+ will launch with two new children’s TV shows, ‘Ghostwriter’ and ‘Helpsters’

When Apple TV+ launches on November 1st the streaming service is set to get a pair of children’s TV shows.

The Cupertino, California-based company has posted trailers for Ghostwriter and Helpsters, two new series designed for kids.

Ghostwriter features a ghost that haunts a bookstore and starts releasing storybook characters into the real world. Four kids team up to try to solve the mystery. This is a remake of the original series from 1992.

The Helpsters is a series that teaches kids how to problem-solving skills with (creepy-looking) friendly monsters.

Alongside these shows Apple TV+ is also launching with Snoopy in Space and the PG documentary The Elephant Queen. 

AppleTV+ will cost $5.99 CAD per month when it’s released.

Source: Apple Via: Engadget