iOS app Focals Showroom now sells Waterloo-based North’s smartglasses

Focals is launching a Focals Showroom iOS app in Canada and the U.S. to help potential customers buy the smartglasses.

The app will take all the necessary measurements, so customers don’t have to travel to Focals’ Toronto or New York City physical stores to be sized. The app uses the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera with 3D fitting software. This means that it’s only compatible with the iPhone X or greater.

Not only does it take your measurements, but you can also try on different Focals in a virtual showroom to see what style you like. If you purchase the Focals through your app, North will ship your custom-built glasses to your door. In addition, the company provides instructions to help users make final adjustments.

North says it encrypts all your information and facial data and that it is not sold to advertisers. All personal information can also be deleted manually in the app. For those who don’t purchase a pair within 30 days, your data will be deleted automatically.

Focals are smartglasses that let users view notifications, tasks and view calendars without needing to take out their smartphone.

Focals Showroom is free in the iOS App Store.

Source: North