A Montreal-based tech startup is building electric jet skis

Electric vehicles are taking over land and sea

Several transportation methods are slowly switching from gas to electric and Montreal-based startup Taiga Motors is looking to get a piece of the burgeoning electric boating industry.

Taiga is on track to add a new electric jet ski to its existing electric snowmobile portfolio. The watercraft is called the Orca, and the company plans to build around 500 of the vehicles.

The Orca features two-hour battery life and a top speed of 104 km/h. On top of that, it’s also equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth and a digital display to show your speed and other features.

Taiga’s website says the Orca has a “leading power to weight” ratio so that should help it reach its top speed reasonably quickly.

The Orca is 2.9 metres long and 1.3 metres wide. It also features a carbon fibre construction and enough seating for two people. Taiga is unclear regarding what charging standards it’s going to use, but the company’s website shares these charging rate statistics — 10kW level 2 charging on 240VAC and overnight level-1 charging on 110VAC.

The company is currently taking North American pre-orders for the Founders Edition of the personal watercraft. The company is manufacturing 100 Orcas and they’ll cost $28,000 USD, which is around $36,870 CAD. A deposit of $14,000 USD (roughly, $18,435 CAD) is needed to pre-order.

The company says the Founders Edition should begin shipping during the summer of 2020.

If you can wait until the summer of 2021, you can reserve an Orca, which is the same as the Founders Edition, for a $1,000 deposit. These models start at $24,000 USD, which is roughly $31,60 CAD.

While the price for both of these watercraft is super high, at least you’ll get your hands on an electric jet ski before Nikola can release its Wav model. 

Source: Taiga Motors