Experience staying at a replica of the SickKids Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

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SickKids is partnering with Airbnb to open the SickKids Airbnb, a replica of a stay at the hospital’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Located on University Avenue in downtown Toronto, guests that book the three-hour will be able to experience what the ward feels like complete with sounds of machines and of staff working in the hospital.

According to the listing on Airbnb, the booking is for groups of seven and each person pays $2,392 cAD. The total cost, SickKids says in a press release, is valued at $16,744, or “the cost for one night of operating a four-patient room in the PICU.”

The release indicates that the experience takes place “in an area of the hospital no longer used for clinical care to bring Canadians behind the curtain and demonstrate the difficult reality” at the hospital.

“In order to demonstrate the extreme need, SickKids is going to extreme measures with this innovative marketing partnership,” Lori Davison, vice-president of brand strategy and communications at SickKids Foundation, said in the release.

“While our doctors and staff continue to defy the odds daily, the reality is that the current infrastructure has limitations that do not support the needs of our kids and families. The SickKids Airbnb aims to shine a light on our biggest challenge — the building — to inspire Canadians to help us build a reimagined SickKids of the future.”

The release noted that guests will be around “state-of-the-art technology and some of the smartest minds in the country,” but because of limitations related to space, “they can expect very little privacy or comfort.”

“The room is built with four beds, four chairs and one shared washroom down the hallway,” it said.

If you’re interested in this experience head on over to this link to book your stay.

Source: SickKids Foundation