Rogers partners with AT&T to expand LTE-M coverage in the U.S., launches NB-IoT

Rogers, like Bell, has partnered with U.S. telecom carrier AT&T for a “reciprocal agreement” to extend LTE-M coverage for business Internet of Things customers in Canada and the U.S.

This means that Canadian businesses will “have the ability to roam on the AT&T LTE-M network while in the U.S. and AT&T customers will be able to roam across Rogers’ LTE-M network in Canada,” a press release from Rogers said.

More importantly, Rogers is the first carrier to launch Narrow-Band Internet of Things, which “allows stationary IoT devices and sensors to send and receive small amounts of data over long distance, with very low power requirements.”

Rogers said NB-IoT is complementary to its LTE and LTE-M networks.

“With this AT&T roaming agreement, combined with the launch of our NB-IoT network technology in Canada, we are once again driving more innovation for business,” Dean Prevost, president of Rogers for Business said.

LTE-M, or Long Term Evolution category M1 is specifically designed to connect IoT devices to the internet. It provides the ability to have low power devices operate for years without the requirement to recharge batteries.

Source: Rogers