iOS 13 gesture bug interferes with games like ‘Fortnite’ and ‘PUBG’

Tapping with three fingers can trigger a text editing toolbar that gets in the way of mobile games

An iOS 13 bug is making some major mobile game titles, including PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds and Fortnite, unplayable.

Essentially, iOS 13 introduced a bug to a three-finger tap-and-hold gesture that affects games. The gesture should conjure up a toolbar for editing text, featuring copy/paste and undo and redo. However, the bug causes the toolbar to appear during games, even though there isn’t a text field to interact with.

The bug is especially bad with games like Fortnite and PUBG as they require players to have three fingers on the screen regularly — two thumbs control the joysticks and a third to fire a weapon.

Several users have taken to social media to complain about the problem and PUBG now warns players not to update to iOS 13 because of the bug.

It doesn’t just affect games, however. The bug affects Apple apps too, such as playing the virtual piano in GarageBand.

Thankfully, Apple is aware of the problem and has a fix in iOS 13.1. The next software update will adjust the gesture so it only activates when editable text is present. Further, iOS 13.1 should include a way for app developers to customize when and where the text editing toolbar appears.

iOS 13.1 is only a few days away now. Apple has it set to launch on September 24th.

Until then, there’s no way to disable the gesture so you won’t be able to enjoy some games until then.

Source: 9to5Mac