Search and sort through data automatically for $26 with DEVONagent Pro

We’ve all experienced it before. You may have a project or work at school that you can’t wait to tackle, but the process of finding the right sources for your work is a laborious task. Painstakingly searching on Google, Yahoo, or Bing shouldn’t take time away from your progress, but it’s a process we can’t avoid, until now that is. With DEVONagent Pro, you can optimize your web searches and find exactly what you’re looking for faster for $26.35.

DEVONagent Pro is a smart search assistant for Mac that allows you to search with as many search engines as you want to collect data, and it’ll automatically sort out the results you don’t need. It does this with advanced Boolean operators, proximity operators, and wildcards that’ll help you pinpoint galleries, news feeds, email addresses, linked documents, and more with a single click. You can even save your searches for future reference, which will save you even more time when finding the information you need. DEVONagent Pro will also provide a See Also list to provide more data on the topics you search for.

Searching for data shouldn’t take time away from your actual work, so you need a tool that streamlines your searching process. DEVONagent Pro is the perfect tool for this, and you can grab it on sale now for $26.35 CAD [$19.95 USD], or 60% off.


DEVONagent Pro for Mac – $19.95

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