iOS 13 bug that cut sound in Instagram Stories now fixed

Wondering why Instagram Stories are suddenly silent? iOS 13 could be to blame

Instagram app on iPhone

Update 09/10/19: A bug in iOS 13 that caused Instagram Stories to not have audio has been fixed.

As with any new software update, there are bound to be a few bugs. iOS 13 is no exception with some users noting that Instagram Stories no longer have audio.

MobileSyrup’s own Shruti Shekar noticed the issue after updating to iOS 13. However, Instagram has had audio issues throughout the public beta as well.

Other users noted that audio worked during the beta, but would spike drastically.

iOS 13.1, due out on September 24th, could bring a fix to the problem. However, on my iPhone XS running the iOS 13.1 beta, the audio bug is still present.

It could also be an Instagram bug as audio works in other apps that have similar features, like Facebook.

This isn’t the first bug that’s turned up in iOS 13. A gesture used for text editing has also gone rogue and is causing issues with popular games like PUBG and Fortnite.