YouTubers put the iPhone 11 Pro’s ‘toughest glass’ to the test in drops

You're going to want a case

As with many new phone releases, YouTube channels have rushed to drop the iPhone 11 Pro Max and see just how tough it is.

This time around, YouTubers put Apple’s claim that the iPhone 11 has the world’s toughest glass to the test.

In a series of videos from PhoneBuff, EverythingApplePro and CNET, you can see the new iPhone get dropped over and over again.

While at times painful to watch, it’s clear that the world’s toughest glass isn’t so tough.

PhoneBuff’s video stacks the iPhone 11 Pro Max against the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. Both phones are dropped repeatedly from about one metre, and neither lasts particularly long.

Both devices see the rear glass panel crack in the first drop. Over the course of the test, the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera stops working as well.

In EverythingApplePro’s video, the iPhones last a bit longer but eventually break. However, the camera continues to work in this test.

Finally, CNET’s test saw the iPhone 11 Pro make it through relatively unscathed. The device received some relatively minor screen damage, but impressively, didn’t crack.

While interesting to watch, it’s important to note that these drop tests often don’t tell the whole story. When you drop a phone, plenty of factors can affect if it breaks, including the surface and the angle it lands on.

Ultimately if you want to protect your phone, you should pick up a case.