Ikea’s AR furniture app ‘Place’ now lets you fill a room with virtual furniture

Users can also create furniture wish lists and browse suggested items

Ikea Place header

Ikea rolled out an update to its augmented reality (AR) ‘Place’ app for testing out virtual furniture in your home.

Place now lets users place multiple items at once. Previously, the app limited users to trying one item at a time, making it relatively useless for planning out home decor.

Users can place multiple items from pre-defined ‘Room Sets’ or pick their own virtual furniture pieces to try.

Additionally, Place now lets users create a profile with a wish list of AR furniture they’ve tried. A ‘For You’ feed will offer up a stream of collections, new products and suggestions of furniture to try.

Ikea also added an Easter Egg for those who like that kind of thing. There’s a surprise for those who place a virtual SYMFONISK speaker in a room, turn it on and get close.

While none of the additions are necessarily vital to the app, they do bring significantly more purpose to Place. The app may prove to be more of a tool for planning home decor thanks to the update. Before it was mostly a novel app for playing with AR.

The update is hitting iOS first and will come to Android in the near future. You can download Place for free from the App Store and Play Store.

Source: Engadget