Watch Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot jump with the grace of a baby deer

The Atlas robot is one update away from taking gold at the next Olympics

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas bipedal robot has moved past running and jumping and is now completing full complex gymnastics routines.

The Atlas robot is a vaguely humanoid robot that the robotics company has been working on for several years. The last time we saw Atlas, it was running cross country with the resolve of a fighter preparing for a title bout.

Now, it’s moved beyond running and can perform somersaults, a spinning jump and even a handstand.

In terms of a gymnastics routine, the performance is an easy 9.3, but the more important fact is how far the robot has come since 2016 when Boston Dynamics first showed it off walking through light snow and using doors. 

At this point in my career I’ve written about the Atlas enough that it’s become like watching a child grow up. Next time we’ll likely get to see the robot go to its first day of  school, then we’ll blink and it will be graduating robot university and moving out on its own.

Another blink, and it will build a partner and start a robot family. Then a final blink, and us humans will be dead, but the Atlas will still be here, striving to improve.

Boston Dynamics says the robot can complete the routine flawlessly 80 percent of the time.

Source: Boston Dynamics Via: The Verge