Instagram adds support for Android 10 dark mode in new beta

Instagram is the latest company to turn off the lights

Instagram on the OnePlus 6T

In a surprising turn of events, the Instagram app for Android — which is usually behind the iOS variant — received dark mode support in a new beta update.

Instagram ‘version’ is rolling out to beta users now. It doesn’t bring any other new features or redesigns — it’s just dark mode.

If you’re running a device with Android 10, Instagram supports the system toggle. In other words, turning on the system dark mode activates it for Instagram too. It also supports Samsung’s Night Mode toggle in its Android 9-based One UI.

Instagram’s dark mode is primarily an all-black affair with white accents for buttons and logos. It also appears to apply through every page of the app, including Direct Messages and IGTV.

Instagram dark mode

That said, the app is still a beta, and there are a few bugs. For one, the app blacks out the status bar on the main screen, making the time, battery and other notifications invisible.

Those interested in trying out the new Instagram beta can head over to the app’s Google Play Store page. Partway down the page, below the developer contact info, is a section where you can join the beta. It takes a few minutes, but Google Play eventually pushes an update to the app.

While Instagram’s new dark mode seems like it’s arrived just in time, there’s actually a lot more work than you think going into designing these dark modes.

Source: 9to5Google