Twitter’s ‘Lights Out’ feature expected to come to Android next month

One of Twitter’s product managers for dark mode confirmed that the ‘Lights Out’ theme is expected to launch next month on Android phones.

Patrick Traughber told MobileSyrup during a phone interview that the team has been extensively testing and making adjustments to bring the theme to Android.

“We do an app-wide audit when we ship a version of dark mode…[which] goes through the entire app to catch all the issues, where the contrast ratios are too low and if something just doesn’t look right and if we have to make adjustments,” he said.

“And what we have done now with the latest iteration of Lights Out on Android, which we are planning to launch next month, is we’ve gone through the app and re-architected it to be much easier for us as developers to make updates.”

Unlike ‘Dim Mode,’ ‘Lights Out’ features an all-black background. Further, if you have a smartphone with an OLED display, the feature helps extend the device’s battery life.

The feature launched on iOS several months ago. Twitter’s iPhone and iPad apps received the feature in March.