Ubisoft and Concordia University launch worldwide video game design course

French game publishing giant Ubisoft has partnered with Montreal’s Concordia University to launch a special video game design course for use in universities around the world.

The course is officially titled the ‘Game Creators’ Odyssey‘ and is available through Concordia’s online training provider KnowledgeOne.

In the online course, students will be walked through the process of developing a video game. The course draws from Ubisoft developers’ experiences on such franchises as Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Far Cry and The Division.

Specifically, Game Creators’ Odyssey focuses on the story of Nagato, a ninja in feudal Japan as he embarks on a quest to discover his true calling and craft his legacy. As Nagato hones his skills and gains more knowledge, students will earn experience points to unlock further content and level up in a leaderboard.

In the first Act, titled ‘Rational Game Design,’ students will learn about how game mechanics are created. Act 2, meanwhile, is called ‘Rational Level Design’ and teaches students how to create game worlds and overall gaming experiences. Game design theory will be taught by analyzing games created by Ubisoft, as well as listening to tips and interviews with Ubisoft’s own developers and the larger gaming industry.

During the course, students will have to create their own game concept and share the design on KnowledgeOne. Students will receive a course certificate from Ubisoft and the university offering the course after completing each Act.

Game Creators’ Odyssey Act 1 is available in English and French and now available at students in various universities. Ubisoft says Act 2 will launch in spring 2020 in both languages.

Source: Ubisoft