Google Assistant rolling out to non-Pixel Chromebooks

Google is now bringing Assistant to more Chromebooks.

Initially, Assistant on Chromebooks was only available on Made by Google Chrome OS devices, like the Pixelbook. Now, however, the feature is rolling out to more Chromebooks via the latest Chrome OS version update.

One of the features highlighted by Google is the ability to create new documents with just your voice.

Now your Chrome OS device will be able to create new Docs, Sheets, Slides in Google Drive with the “Hey Google create a new document/sheet/slide” keyword. Assistant also lets users open pre-existing files by saying the name of the file when using the hotword.

Google Assistant can also check what’s next on your calendar, set reminders, play music and more. It seems that OEM Chrome OS devices will also get visual and audio responses from the Assistant.

To activate Assistant on these laptops, press on the “Search” + “a” keys. Or simply say the “Hey Google” hotword.

And to enable Assistant on Chromebooks go to Settings > Search and Assistant > Google Assistant. It’ll then want you to train your Assistant to recognize your voice like it would on an Android handset.

Source: Google Blog