iOS 13.1 update brings improved squid, mosquito and abacus emoji

Emoji on iPhone

iOS 13 has had some problems, and many hoped the recently-dropped 13.1 update would fix some of the new operating system’s most frustrating issues.

It looks like Apple took the opportunity to fix the most pressing glitch of all in its latest software update: incorrect emoji.

Emojipedia documented the changes to 24 different emoji, which included anatomical adjustments for some of Apple’s emoji critters.

One of the essential tweaks was to the squid emoji. Monterey Bay Aquarium tweeted last December about Apple’s squid, which sported the ‘siphon’ on the front instead of on the back, as real squids do.

The siphon helps squids move, breathe and discharge waste. Now, in iOS 13.1, it’s no longer on the squid’s face.

Another change was to the mosquito emoji, which was missing a leg. Mosquitos have six legs, but Apple’s emoji only had five — iOS 13.1 found that missing leg.

Finally, iOS 13.1 added suckers to the bottom of the octopus emoji’s arms.

Aside from the anatomical adjustments, iOS 13.1 also corrected the abacus emoji, which was oriented the wrong way.

iOS 13.1 includes other small changes as well. The update adjusts the hearts in the heart-eyes emoji and changes the colour of the jigsaw piece.

It’s worth noting that, despite the emoji refresh, iOS 13.1 doesn’t include the new emoji coming as part of Emoji 12.0. Those will likely come to Apple devices sometime in the fall.

Image credit: Emojipedia

Source: Emojipedia Via: The Verge