Dropbox begins rolling out new ‘Dropbox Spaces’ app

Dropbox and Paper on iOS

Dropbox has announced that it is now rolling the Dropbox Spaces app that was revealed in June.

The idea behind Dropbox Spaces is to build a hub designed around a user’s shared files.

In practice, this means that each Space has a text description and basic to-do lists to manage upcoming tasks. Additionally, the app now allows for file previews, image searches and Paper document integration.

On top of that, Slack, Zoom, and Trello can all be integrated into a Dropbox Space, while Cloud files such as Google Docs can also be brought in.

Meanwhile, a new ‘For You’ tab on Windows and Mac retrieves information from the calendar and finds relevant files. This section will also show a timeline of recent activity from the user’s team.

A full breakdown of the changes can be found here.

Source: Dropbox Via: TechCrunch