Rogers retention offer includes 15GB of data for $60 per month

Your mileage may vary with this deal

Rogers is offering some subscribers an excellent retention package.

A MobileSyrup reader let us know about the offer after he received it on his account and sent over a screenshot of what the plan entails.

According to the picture of the reader’s account, the retention plan includes 15GB of data for $60 a month. It’s a No Tab plan, which means it doesn’t come with a device.

Along with the large data bucket, the plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calling, 2,500 call forwarding minutes, voice mail, call display, conference calling and call waiting. The plan also includes Rogers’ ‘Worry-free data management.’

The details don’t include any information about texting, but considering it’s a ‘Talk & Text’ plan, it likely includes unlimited messaging as well.

Compared to Rogers’ existing No Tab plans, which starts at $75 per month for 10GB of data with no overages, it’s a pretty good deal.

If you’re with Rogers and are on an older plan, you may be able to get this by chatting with the company’s retention department. However, your mileage may vary.

Update 09/25/2019: MobileSyrup has learned that the deal is no longer available.