Spotify for Artists app gets redesign, shows listener count in real-time


Spotify artists will now be able to see enhanced stats about their music and who is listening to it.

The Verge reported that the streaming service is releasing a redesigned Spotify for Artists app, which will display the total number of people who are listening to an artists’ tracks in real-time.

The real-time number of people will remain for the entire first week after a new song goes live. The newly redesigned version of the app will go live this week on iOS and Android and will also give information on milestones and whether or not they’ve gained new followers, or if they’ve been added to playlists.

The new update will also have a new home tab, which presents information like how to get capitalize on a new release. It also will have presentations at events like Spotify’s Co.Lab.

The new app will also be easier for users to switch between profiles, this is especially helpful for those managing more than one artist.

Source: The Verge