Huawei’s CEO says company is already researching 6G, long time before release

The decision regarding whether Huawei can participate in the 5G rollout hasn’t been made in several countries, but it isn’t stopping the China-based company from already researching 6G technology, according to CEO Ren Zhengfei.

“We have parallel work being done on 5G and 6G, so we started out 6G a long time ago,” Ren said at a panel hosted by CNBC.

The CEO indicated that it is still in an “early phase” and that there is “a long way to go,” until it can be released to the market.

He added that the technology is “ten years out.”

Standards are typically set whenever a new type of technology or network enters the industry. This has been done with 5G, but nothing, at least in Canada, has been set concerning 6G. For that matter, 5G networks won’t fully be functional in Canada until at least 2021.

It is also unclear as to what 6G would be used for. A decision regarding Huawei’s involvement in Canadian 5G infrastructure development will not be made until after the federal election.

The China-based company has said that it already has received 50 commercial contracts for 5G base stations to date. This number is more than what we know of its competitors. In July, Nokia said it has 45 commercial contracts, while Ericsson has 24 that are primarily in Europe and the U.S.

Ren recently said that Huawei would share its  5G IP, code and technical blueprints with potential buyers. He added that his company would also be open to allowing buyers to modify the source code that runs on products in order to address any security concerns.

Source: CNBC