Pokémon Go players are reporting that the game’s spawn points have changed

It's unclear if the spawns are disappearing or being moved

Pokémon Go players have taken to Reddit to share their frustrations about the game’s spawn points disappearing.

Scrolling through the Silph Road and Pokémon Go subreddits reveals numerous posts from confused players talking about monster spawns that have been removed or moved in the game. Spawn points are where the Pokémon appear in the game.

This isn’t the first time that players have noted spawn points moving around in the past, but this time, it seems like more spawns are disappearing then usual, according to Polygon.

One user is theorizing that spawns are being spread out, rather than being deleted, but Niantic has said nothing to confirm or deny this.

No matter what the result is, it seems odd that Niantic would do anything to alter the spawns beyond adding more.

Source: Polygon