Apple could have plans to use its iconic logo as an iPhone notification light

Your iPhone could eventually light up like the old MacBook's Apple logo

iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11

Apple has applied for a patent that seems like it aims to utilize the logo on the rear of the iPhone as a notification light.

The patent, which was first uncovered by Apple Insider, describes an “adjustable decoration” capable of responding to an “incoming communication” or a “calendar reminder” by changing its appearance and flashing in some way.

The application also repeatedly mentions a “cellular telephone,” indicating that Apple is likely considering including the feature in a future iPhone rather than an iPad or MacBook. That said, the patent does feature an image of a laptop, a tablet and what looks like an iMac.

Apple wouldn’t be the first company to implement this concept, with the Razer Phone 2 and even the recently revealed Motorola One Zoom featuring a similar light-up rear notification. Further, the Apple logo on the rear of Apple’s laptops was illuminated for years, with the company first ditching the feature with the 2015 MacBook.

As always, a patent being filed doesn’t mean a commercial product will ever feature the functionality. That said, it’s interesting to imagine what an iPhone with a rear Apple logo that lights up would look like.

Source U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Via: Apple Insider