Google Assistant is crashing for some users, here’s a temporary fix

Deleting the Google app's cache and storage appears to set things right

A small group of Android users are experiencing issues with Google Assistant.

The search giant’s digital assistant appears to be continually crashing for these users. 9to5Google reports that the issue seems to date back to 2018, but appears to come and go.

Users have filed dozens of reports on a Google support thread over the last few days.

The crashing issue appears to start when a user triggers Assistant, whether through the “Hey Google” hotword, a gesture or button-press. Once triggered, a crashing message repeatedly appears as the app fails in the background.

Worse, it doesn’t seem to be a device-specific issue. The support thread is full of complaints from people with Pixel devices, the Galaxy Note 10+, Xiaomi Mi 9, Galaxy S10e and more. The problem also exists across multiple versions of the Google app, so it could be a server-side issue.

Thankfully at least one Google ‘Product Expert’ is looking into the issue on the support thread.

But while users wait for an official fix from Google, some have posted temporary solutions. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app has worked for some users.

Others report that clearing the Google app’s cache and storage helps. You can do this on most Android devices by long-pressing on the Google app in the launcher and tapping the ‘App Info’ option. That opens the Settings app and displays the info page for the Google App. Tap the ‘Storage’ option — or ‘Storage & Cache’ depending on the device. From there you can delete the storage and the cache.

Then, when you re-open the Google app, make sure you skip the ‘Get Started’ tutorial. Doing this appears to fix the problem temporarily.

Source: Google Support Via: 9to5Google