This Lightning cable looks Apple-made, but can actually hack computers

A new Lightning to USB cable that leaves devices susceptible to hacking is about to hit the market.

Developed by security researcher Mike “MG” Grover, the “O.MG” cable has been specially designed to look like an authentic product that was manufactured by Apple. While it can charge and transfer data as expected, the cable will also create a wireless hotspot that lets hackers remotely take control of a computer.

MG told Motherboard he produced the cable to promote the fact that seemingly harmless accessories can actually render a computer vulnerable to hackers.

As it stands, MG is planning to distribute the cable through online hacking and cybersecurity tool site Hak5. MG says he intends for the cable to be used by security researchers. However, there doesn’t appear to be anything stopping others from buying the cable as well.

For its part, Apple told Motherboard that it “recommends using only accessories that Apple has certified and that come with the MFi badge.” This badge can be found on the item’s packaging and proves that a product has been certified by Apple.

Source: Motherboard