Bosch aims to use mini-explosions to keep electric vehicle passengers safe

Bosch electric vehicle safety

Bosch has revealed that it plans to create small explosions within an electric vehicle to help protect passengers.

While that may sound counterproductive, Bosch’s line of thinking is to use the explosions to cut off a vehicle’s high-voltage battery in the event of an accident. That way, the flow of electricity is cut off and the riders, in theory, won’t be at risk of getting shocked.

To do this, Bosch will use a pyrotechnical safety switch system that sets off a series of small explosions. It’s worth noting that these explosions are produced using only very small amounts of pyrotechnics, so they’d likely go unnoticed.

As Bosch notes, it often uses semiconductors to trigger similar controlled blasts that open airbags in vehicles.

It’s currently unclear when Bosch might introduce this technology into vehicles.

Source: Bosch Via: Engadget