Google Photos makes it easier to display pictures on your smart display

This should make it easier to set photos on your smart displays

Google Photos

A Reddit user is reporting that an update to the Google Photos app adds a section for controlling what pictures appear on your smart displays and other Cast-enabled devices.

Both Cast devices, Android TVs and Chromecast, along with smart displays, feature screen saver modes that display a user’s photos. This feature has been a hit among smart display owners and is useful on Cast devices too.

Until now, it was a struggle to find the right setting within the confusing Google Home app, so it looks like Google is adding the feature to its Photos app instead.

This should make it a little easier for users to update their selected albums more often, and if the update adds more functionality that would be great as well. For instance, the option to pick and choose photos without needing to build an album would save a lot of time when setting up a digital photo frame.

Source: 9to5Google, Reddit