Pixel 4 demo units listed on Malaysian auction site

Google Pixel 4 Times Square

Malaysian auction site ‘Shopee’ is selling Pixel 4 demo units.

While many of the phone’s earlier leaks came from Vietnam, it now seems like this auction site has access to the devices as well.

Though demo handsets have revealed a lot about the upcoming handset, auctioning off these Pixel 4s is rather shady.

According to 9to5Googlethe listing only includes “lightly used” Pixel 4 XL handsets in the ‘Clearly White’ colour variant. Additionally, the devices don’t include any retail packaging. They’re sold with a styrofoam case and an 18W charge brick as well as other accessories. There’s also a headphone dongle, which indicates the retail Pixel 4 might include one in the box.

The seller says the Pixel 4 series will also support 40W charging, but that a charger of that wattage won’t be included in the box.

The device has a retail price tag of RM 4,999 price, which comes to approximately $1,581.52 CAD. It’s likely that the Pixel 4 XL won’t cost this much in Canada.

Source: 9to5Google, Image Credit: 9to5Google