Pixel 4 Motion Sense features Flick, Reach and Swipe gestures

Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 will include a new feature called ‘Motion Sense.’

Motion Sense allows users to perform actions on the device without touching it. The Pixel 4 is able to do this with the help of the Soli radar chip included in the top bezel of the handset. That said, this functionality will only be available in specific countries, including Canada, according to a previous report.

There have been tons of leaks related to the Pixel 4, and the culprit behind many of them was NextRift. However, NextRift was able to provide details to 9to5Google regarding the feature. However, 9to5 warns that these gestures could change before the Pixel 4 launches and that there might be a possibility of developers adding more gestures prior to launch

9to5 then details everything that the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense feature is capable of.

First, there is set to be a gesture called ‘Reach.’ This gesture activates when the user is trying to reach for their handset when it’s ringing, when a timer is going off or when there’s an alarm. The Reach motion silences the device.

There’s also set to be a ‘Flick’ gesture that allows users to skip to the next track or jump back to the previous song. The Flick gesture is what is present in the video above. Flick is also important as one direction skips the song while the other jumps back to the last track.

Additionally, there’s a ‘Swipe’ gesture that is similar to Flick that lets users ignore calls, snooze alarms or dismiss timers, similar to Reach. It doesn’t matter which way you Swipe at the phone while performing this gesture.

Lastly, the Soli radar chip can also detect your presence. This keeps your phone unlocked while you’re looking at it. This is likely tied into one of the Pixel 4’s many sensors. 

Source: 9to5Google