Reddit has updated its anti-harassment policies, banned incel subreddit

Reddit has reworked its anti-harassment policies and banned a number of different communities, including an incel group.

A Reddit administrator wrote that harassment is now defined as “anything that works to shut someone out of the conversation through intimidation or abuse, online or off.”

The new policies impact individual posts, including entire subreddits. These new changes have already impacted some subreddits, such as the r/Braincels forum, which is part of the incel community.

The previous policy stated that harassment had to systematic or continued behaviour in order for Reddit to get involved. The old policy only took threats seriously if they put users in real-world danger, which is no longer the case.

The new policy also allows the site to examine reports from bystanders, not just victims of posts. The Reddit administrator wrote that this will make it easier to crack down on abuse.

Reddit is also now using updated machine-learning to better prioritize human user reports. The site stated that the machine-learning tools will only help with organization, and will not be banning content.

The Reddit administrator stated it will take some time for these new rules to be fully enforced.

Source: Reddit Via: The Verge