TiVo Edge all-in-one media device launches in Canada

TiVo Edge

San Jose, California-based TiVo has launched its TiVo Edge all-in-one media device in Canada.

The TiVo Edge works with an HD antenna to offer live TV, DVR, and streaming content in up to 4K resolution. Some of the streaming apps include Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The device also includes a number of different features that are intended to enhance the viewing experience:

SkipMode — viewers can skip to the end of a commercial break and resume watching instantly
Voice Control and OneSearch — viewers can search for content across live TV, DVR and streaming apps using their voice
OnePass — automatically records current and upcoming episodes of a viewer’s favourite shows and adds them to a playlist can  track down every season and episode of their favorite shows, automatically recording current and upcoming episodes and adding them to the shows’ playlist, ready to be watched

Meanwhile, the TiVo Edge sports a 500 GB hard drive (which TiVo says can record up to 75 hours of content in HD) and two tuners.

The Edge costs $299.99 CAD with a service plan of $8.99/month or $89.99/year. The device can be ordered from TiVo’s website.