Toronto Pearson Airport to start using AI to detect weapons in 2020

Toronto's Pearson Airport

The Toronto Pearson International Airport will soon start using artificial intelligence (AI) to detect weapons.

The Canadian Press reported that the technology can detect metallic and non-metallic weapons that range from guns to knives, and even explosives. The technology is meant to be used in crowded areas.

Vancouver-based Liberty Defence Holdings, the company that owns the technology, will be working with the airport.

Hexwave, the technology, is able to capture radar images and then use AI to analyze the images for any weaponry that could be concealed, CP reported.

The technology will be deployed in 2020, according to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

“They were trying something that could give us a more definitive look at weapons and plastic explosives that may be coming into airports,” Dwayne MacIntosh, director of corporate safety and security for the authority, told CP. “When I saw this opportunity, I felt that we had to be part of it.”

He did not say details of the plans for the project but indicated that it is potentially going to be deployed outside so that the airport to detect threats before entering the building.

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is also going to be testing the technology at a test site, CP indicated.

Source: The Canadian Press