YouTube Music challenges Spotify, launches new personalized playlists

YouTube Music is attempting to challenge popular music streaming apps by introducing new personalized playlists.

The new playlists are titled ‘Discover Mix,’ ‘New Release Mix,’ and ‘Your Mix.’

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, made the announcement at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2019.

Discover Mix sounds like Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist as it will include tracks that the app thinks you may enjoy. Mohan said the playlist is aimed to help users find new artists and lesser-known songs. The playlists use listening data to suggest the new tracks.

The New Release Mix seems similar to Spotify’s Release Radar mix as it includes new songs from your favourite artists.

The Your Mix playlist includes songs that you already like, but will also have songs that you may not have heard. The suggestions will be based on your listening history.

All of the playlists will be updated weekly. YouTube says the playlists will be released this month but hasn’t provided an exact date yet.

The playlists are being introduced as Google is getting ready to shift its Google Play Music listeners to YouTube Music.

Source: TechCrunch