A 19-year-old found a way to run Doom on a McDonald’s cash register

Doom 1993

A 19-year-old set up an impressive gaming rig after he was able to run Doom on a McDonalds cash register.

Ryan Edgar was at a McDonald’s that was getting rid of its old cash registers, and was able to take one home. The cash register was running Windows XP.

Edgar told Kotaku Australia that he “downloaded ZDOOM (Doom XP) on it using [his] personal computer, plugged it into the USB in the cash register and ran it through there with autorun.”

He was then able to get a mouse and keyboard working through a USB splitter.

“I was able to run explorer.exe by doing CTRL ALT DEL to get to Task Manager but there was some weird encryption on it,” he told Kotaku Australia.

This discovery makes you wonder what else you can run on a McDonald’s cash register.

Source: Twitter Via: Kotaku