Apple will soon allow Siri to send messages with third-party apps


Apple has plans to let Siri work with third-party messaging apps like Skype, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

Users will be able to set the voice-activated assistant to work with the messaging app they use most frequently. For example, if you rarely use Apple’s Messages app and instead are more fond of Facebook Messenger, you’ll now be able to ask Siri to send messages to your contacts on the platform.

Siri will still be set to send a text through Apple’s Messages app by default, with the voice-activated assistant slowly learning what platforms you prefer to contact specific contacts with the more you do so.

This means that you’ll need to specify how you want to contact a user with a command like, “message Tascia on Facebook Messenger.” Eventually, once Siri learns your messaging habits, you’ll be able to say, “message Tascia” and the text will be sent through Facebook Messenger.

While a minor shift, this is yet another example of Apple’s walled-garden ecosystem slowly crumbling. Still, Siri remains significantly behind Alexa and Google Assistant in terms of most functionality.

Source: Bloomberg