Koodo has a slate of fall promotional plans, including 7GB for $60

If you don't do a lot of calling, this $60 plan could be perfect

Telus-owned Koodo hasn’t had a great slate of phone plans since it reworked its offering in July 2019, but its new fall plans offer some decent deals if you want less than 10GB of data.

While the 10GB for $75 plan is still here and likely the best plan for most users, anyone who uses between four and seven gigabytes should be happy with these discounts.

The new fall plan deals are as follows for bring your own device customers:

  • $50 – 4GB of data – unlimited incoming messages and 500 calling minutes. (This deal ends on October 3rd.)
  • $55 – 4GB of data – unlimited calling and texting.
  • $60 – 7GB of data – 500 calling minutes and unlimited texting.
  • $65 – 7GB of data – unlimited calling and texting.

And, of course:

  • $75 -10GB of data – unlimited calling and texting.

There’s no mention of when these deals end, besides the basic $50 for 4GB plan.

If you’re looking to get one of these plans with a new phone, they’ll cost a bit more depending on the phone you want.